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  • Face Shields

    Nov 30, -0001

    Face shields are made of clear, very thin (micron) plastic that is usually Polypropylene, PET or penta PVC. Face shields rest against the forehead on a padded surface and are fixed at the back of the head using a zip-tie mechanism.

  • Products in the fight against Coronavirus

    Nov 30, -0001

    To meet the high demand for products that help businesses to adhere to HSE guidelines and, to protect their team and customers, Print Solutions brought on board some new products and identify the ones on our range that can meet the current needs.

  • Say Hello to Fergal,

    Say Hello to Fergal,

    Nov 30, -0001

    Fergal is the person behind our website and some of our online platforms. He is responsible for creating pages and making it easier for our clients to see our promotions, get datasheets, navigate online and keep our customers secure when making purchases

  • Bubble Guard for Van Lining

    Nov 30, -0001

    Bubble board for van lining is lighter, more cost-efficient and better for the environment. This plastic sheet is a perfect alternative for fleet lining.

  • Polycarbonate Screens

    Nov 30, -0001

    Protective screens are now common place in retail and shop counter areas and help to reassure both staff and customers in the current Covid19 environment. The materials used to make these screens can be polycarbonate or acrylic glass sheet. Both materials

  • Save your time shopping with us

    Nov 30, -0001

    Online shopping has become more and more popular because buyers now are looking for convenience and comfort. Not to forget that saving time searching for products, content and best price has become more necessary than ever: people want information now,

  • Say Hello to Karl

    Nov 30, -0001

    Karl Cooling is our Warehouse Manager and has been a valuable member of the Print Solutions’ team for more than 15 years. He joined the company in late 2004 and hasn’t look back since. He oversees the operation of our busy industrial warehouse and is resp

  • Introducing Bubble Guard for Van lining

    Nov 30, -0001

    As part of our environmental journey, we’ve been looking at possibilities to help our clients reduce C02 emissions, save resources and save money!. We're now delighted to announce our NEW Polypropylene sheet for Van Lining, called BUBBLE GUARD. Bubble Gu

  • Application of Vela™ at our new Showroom

    Nov 30, -0001

    Now, in collaboration with Irish company ThinkPM, who has been confirmed as certified installers of the product, VELA™ has received its first practical application in Ireland by being installed on partition doors and screens at the Print Solutions showroo

  • Introducing DISPA® Board

    Introducing DISPA® Board

    Nov 30, -0001

    DISPA® is a lightweight, structured cardboard. It’s made of paper and has a bright white, smooth surface offering excellent printability so it’s ideal for signage applications. It comes as a flat rigid cardboard – it starts flat and stays flat so DISPA® i

  • Clearance Event

    Nov 30, -0001

    Coming to our Clearance Event is the best way to get discounts on Sheeted Product, Digital Vinyl, Digital Laminates, Display Products and Application Tools. During the event, large groups of products are reduced to clear and you can also get stock discoun

  • How sustainability can be good for your company

    Nov 30, -0001

    When you buy a recyclable product, you can sell its waste for alternative uses and get money back. You can find which products you can sell and their value in your region by contacting recycling specialist companies, for example Leinster Recycling, in Ire